Henry & Etta was started a few years back when Henry was a wee thing. His mama was always disappointed with the selection of clothes available for boys. So she started making her own. She loved thrift store and digging for hidden goodies, it only made sense that she started making his clothes from these repurposed treasures. Now 5 years later - with two wee lads at home - it's grown into a little business.

Repurposing these gently used clothing into completely new garments helps us be as eco-friendly as possible. We strive to reduce our waste by designing clothes and accessories that use up even the smallest pieces or fabric. Patchwork blankets and bibs are made from these cherished scraps and backed with organic cotton fleece making them super sort and absorbent.

I strive to make fun, playful kids wear for both boys and girls. Because girls like dinosaurs and boys like pink we try to have a variety of options for all kids. Bright patterns adorn raglan dresses and tees for older kids and sweet baby duds for the teeniest ones.

Most materials are 95% cotton with 5% Lycra, some are 100% cotton. Using organic cotton whenever possible.

Why -- Henry & Etta -- when I started this I had no idea where it would go. Today it's a micro business that keeps this mama busy. X-ing Made was a spin off from my graphic design business X-ing Design. But now focusing solely on kids wear I wanted a name with a little more history. Henrietta was my great grandmother's name, she is our wee lad's name sake. and we wanted a name for both boys and girls