Mini-shop is open

It's been a pretty crazy few month. We bought a house, M had an art show, and we moved. Lots of other stuff in there too. A very hot summer, a neglected garden, some swimming, sewing traveling, packing and so on. I'll hopefully write a post at some point about our decision to buy a house and stay put.  

This post is strictly kids clothes related. I finally took the leap and opened a tiny shop in a local artisans market right here in Lancaster. It was a hard push to get it set up simultaneously with our move and it still needs some work. But it's there and I'm pretty please with it.  You can find it on the 300 Block of N Queen St at Madcap and Co. and there is a lot of other great stuff there too.

My goal is to get my studio up and running this weekend... then on to some pattern making and hopefully a very productive few weeks of sewing. 

I'll hopefully be selling some more online in the next month or so as well.  Make sure to follow on IG @x_ingmade & @amymees for updates.