Day of the Dead Bride Costume

I should start by saying that I LOVE making halloween costumes. It’s so much fun and I’ll be honest I love all the oohs and ahs over them. So here’s the first of the costumes. I will post Fiona’s later today… and Henry’s when I finish it.

Originally when we were brainstorming costumes this summer. We convinced Forrest that “the bride of frankenstein” was the way to go. So I got right on it… well that is I hit the thrift store and found a 70s wedding dress for $10. and I didn’t need to take it in at all. Just shorten it. Well a couple months and a move later I can’t find the dress. Panic! relief! found it at the bottom of a box labeled “sew”. We can talk more another time about my horrific box labeling system this time around. But that’s a whole other post.

So dress found. Uninspired Auntie… Friend posts to Facebook her makeup for a costume wedding (thanks Kloddie for the inspiration). Excitement… trip to LCR. Bags of fake flowers later and Wa La. Day of the Dead Bride.

I took up the length by synching up the bottom with flowers. I should say that I pulled off all the petals from there plastic stems with some help from Henry. This made it a lot easier to work with. Black ribbon and more flowers around the waist too.

I made the shawl with a piece of tulle double up and folded in half. I have a giant bold of that black pom pom trim that I picked up at a yardsale on LI about 5 years ago. HOORAY! to finally using that darn thing. looks pretty good to me.

And the headband. Mark saved the day by suggesting florist tape. Great! except I forgot it on two trips to JoAnn Fabrics and one trip to AC Moore. duh! Double save by Mark for stopping at the local florist and coming home with a small remnant roll that was enough for me to make Forrest’s headpiece and Fiona’s too.

This costume really hinges on the makeup but my sister is a pro at that.

Every year I wish I was in LA for halloween. Just so I could see the girls open there costumes and help them get ready. I did get these in the mail a day earlier than last year. Fingers crossed Fedex delivers.