Kids Clothes Week

For months now I have been reading loads of sewing blogs. I have a few favorites but really love all the crossover and stumbling around that brings other fun things to read and see. mostly women making stuff. They are so inspiring. I read about the kids clothes week challenge from last season and thought what a fantastic idea so this time I’m participating. Well, sort of, I’ll be away for most of it.

The idea for Kids Clothes Week is that you spend 1hr a day making clothes for kids. You can of course do more. This week is supposed to help get us going. I have one more night as I’m heading out of town for a couple of days with the wee lad. Think I’ll pack some embroidery projects to take with me. I have some Carter’s onesies that have stupid saying on them. They are otherwise fine so I’m going to get creative and cover them up. This counts too.

Day 1: cut out two more patterns

Day 2: I made Henry a basic t. The pattern was free. You can get it here. The original pattern is for a 4T so I shrunk it down to 80% the actual size and it seemed to work fine. It does looks awful good from far away. But this was my first 100% knit sewing project and well it’s got some problems. That and my machine is really acting up. Have to get Mark to take a look at it today. I’m so grateful for having a guy around that knows how a sewing machine works and is able to look after it for me. I did decide late last night not to rip it out and consider it an experiment. I got the fabric at LCR and have yards of it, so making a new one will be worth it.

Day 3: That’s today… need to do laundry and pack so who knows what I’ll get done.

The line up:
another pair of oliver + s sailor pants
surfer slacks from see kate see
stack of cloth diaper inserts for Henry’s gdiapers
2 more Flip Vests from Made