Kids Clothes Week - finale

Well my machine was acting up quite a bit last week. But a little 3 in 1 household oil and de-linting the whole thing really has it running smoothly and quietly. Yippee! So I was able to get some sewing done after all. Our trip was cancelled as the wee lad came down with a cold. I had my little pity party and then got on with things. Excited to be able to really get into kcw. I cut a couple more patterns. Traced a pair of his pants to make another pair and got 3 finished garments that I’m pretty happy with.

The Basic T
The first one didn’t work out so well. But Phred the beer really loves it. and I have tons more of the knit so I will make H another one. and maybe M too. My next one turned out really well. Upcycled an old maternity shirt for the sleeves and cut around some stains on an orange one to give it a second life. As dana suggested in her tutorial — I kept the hem from the original shirts which save tons of time. and well, it’s straight! I top stitched a little zigzag for decoration. This is made from the patterns printed at 90%. And it fits and will for a while!

The Pants
Traced and sized up from a pair of handmade pants gifted to us. These are no were as awesome as the originals but I really like the cut of them. I used this thrifted jersey to test it out and see if the pattern worked. I don’t love it. But the star patches help. Will definitely make him a couple more pairs.

The Cardigan
This is the greenpoint cardigan. you can find it here. It’s a great pattern and well I love it even more because both me and M lived in greenpoint when we finally got together. and some of our favorite people still live there. I used the same maternity t as i used for the sleeves on his t shirt. and some striped interlock knit that I thrifted from who knows where. but it’s nice soft cotton and I love the striped sleeves. This looked a lot better before I added the button holes. the first two came out ok but they got progressively messier as I went along. I’m going to take the button band off and replace it with the striped interlock as I think the baby rib is not meant to be button holed. I can’t wait to make more of these. I want to thin out some of his store bought clothes and replace them with these super cute cardigans.

I didn’t get to finished the flip vests, or his cloth diapers, or the oliver + s sailor pants or the see kate sew surfer slacks. But I will finish these up before I cut anything new.