Lil Miss Peacock

oh sorry… these are some bad photos.

Fiona was recently seen wearing her cat costume that I made her a bajillioin years ago. She loves animals especially the family chickens… cat, turtle, and whatever else lives in their tiny LA backyard.

I didn’t want to make a plushy silly baby peacock outfit. My original thought was a soft sculpture tail, but that wasn’t working with the stuff I had on hand. I had picked up a big bag of miscellaneous velvet scraps from the LCR. as well as some black velveteen, and some sparkly stretchy purple velvety stuff. I wanted to make these work.

I started with this great peplum vest pattern I recently acquired. Boy is this thing cute and the peplum skirt thing works great as a nod to some fancy feather. Right? You can see the pattern here for the BBC Vest. This pattern was really great, but i got caught up on sewing the peplum pieces together. it just wasn’t jiving with the tutorial pics. But i figured it out in the end. My first box pleats too. yay me. It’s black velveteen with a purplish cotton for the liner from my stash. Finished it off with some fancy lavender vintage buttons. I made a mess of the button hole so my only choice was to rip it out and place the button over it. There’s now a loop closure that goes from one button to the next.

For her shirt I used the Flashback Skinny Tee pattern. This was great and straight forward. This stuff would not iron so it’s not perfect but it will do. I used some god and black weird woven stuff for chest feather on the front of the t. I didn’t have enough fabric for full sleeves. But the 3/4 are cute anyway. I used the same fabric for the neck band. This stuff is super stretchy. I hope it fits.

Her head piece was easy. I got some awful home decor thing from Michael’s and pulled it apart to use the feathers. Then I just attached them by wrapping them with the florist tape.

I’m super happy with the way this came out. I’m always nervous to see if stuff is going to fit them.