Spring Roundup Part 1

I’ve been making stuff. Just haven’t gotten to photographing any of it for realzies… thus no new posts. BUT the next KCW starts next week so I need to post all the other things. No small task–short on details–but quick.

So here’s a couple…

Bucket Hats. Free pattern by Oliver + S. This is really easy to make and fun. The first one I made hasn’t been seen in months. It was cute light grey gingham and navy polka dots (bottom right corner). I made some more… three actually. 2 for Henry & 1 for his besty Addy. It would be nice if I had a picture of them–you’ll have to trust me on this–they are pretty adorable in their hats. AND reversible.

A 1st birthday banner. I love the way this came out. I used muslin for the back & bias tape and picked out a soft girlie palette. It was so fun to pull out some beautiful vintage scraps for this one. It made it extra special.

and disguised some onesies with goofy sayings. I know a lot of parents love this stuff. But putting henry in one of these shirts sort of makes me cringe. And sometimes you have to buy these onesies in multi-packs and the sayings are unavoidable. “Captain Adorable” isn’t too bad, but I think these new ones are much better. And all done in about and hour with scraps.

ok, more tomorrow!