Spring Roundup Part 3

And lastly…

A toy chest. For all the wee lads things. I bought this for $10 back in October, but didn’t get around to doing the sanding before if got to cold outside. Plus, I’m really good at procrastinating. It was a team effort. M did the sanding. I did the priming and painting. Total cost about $20. Woohoo! Did I mention it was really ugly.

A goofy hat for my sister. My dad requested that I remake a childhood favorite for her birthday. Which was in April. Better late than never. We all got these theme hats from our uncle for Christmas way back in the 80s. Nine was white with a silver unicorn horn. jeez! I LOVED unicorns. Really wish I still had some of the unicorn collection. And the hat. It was spectacular! I haven’t heard wether she got it yet or not.

And a cute toy pouch. All the fabric second hand at the LCR. I bought the weird yellow with faces cause it was kinda cute & about $1 for 2 yards. This seemed like a good use for it. don’t think I want to look at it all the time. Though my niece has requested a skirt with the faces. May get to that tonight.

A few other things… and a big ol’ pile of mending!