The Oldest Project Ever

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January 2014 is officially *finish it* month. It’s only the 7th & I’ve gotten a few big things and one or two small things off the list. More on those projects later…

So guys, I started this lap quilt a really long time ago. I can’t even remember when exactly… maybe 2002? I was living in Boston, I know that much, because I took the quilting class in Cambridge. I finished all the cutting and sewing on the top during the weekend course. AND that was it. I folded it up and never got around to finishing it. I’d take it out every once in a while to look at it, but mostly it got folded back up and put away. Sometimes I would think “hey, this is great, I should finish this” most other times… “UGH!” but really it’s not so bad. Since I’ve got a permanent place for my machine and a large clean floor to work on I was out of excuses.

Thankfully the internet has a lot of good tutorials for finishing quilts. The toughest decision was trying to decide what kind of quilting pattern to use. Since this is my first quilt I went with easy diagonal lines. I used 3 or 4 different thread colors and this makes the back my favorite part. I should also mention how hard it is to stitch straight lines. I used blue painters tape and this helped a bit. I’m not sure I’ll ever make a traditional log cabin quilt again, but I’m really excited for next month when I can start new projects… and um a couple of wee quilts.

I found these websites really helpful and chock full of lovely bits.

katie did
red pepper quilts
heather bailey
mama love quilts

Up next:
3 storage baskets
2 trapper hats
the next “kids clothes week” is the end of the month. The wee lad needs some longer pants.
and maybe the old sweater quilt… hopefully will finish this before it’s summer

To quote dear Mr. Wagner  “Done is the loveliest number.”