Robot Takeover - The Finale

We have a baby that doesn't sleep well. Honestly never has. We have tried tons of different things... read books, listen to countless words of encouragement and advice. And still our baby / nearly toddler is still a terrible sleeper. Sucky. Really. We have had a rule for about half his life that we don't talk about the "night" in the morning. That we are happy to be up, at our day and with our happy little lad. But things took a turn for the worse. Thrashing, screeching, back arching baby. Ruled out a bunch of things, and we are left with our last resort... the dreaded sleep training. Mind you we have our own cockamamie modified version so we don't all loose our minds. and well wether it's working or not, isn't really what this is about. It's about those few extra hours I have had every night for the past week. While the wee lad tries to figure out being a lone and trying to fall asleep, his mom has been finishing his sweater while on stand by. And it's done. 

As mentioned in a previous post my friend Danielle hand dyed the yarn and named it Robot Takeover. I really do love the way the yarn self striped in the body portion. I find it even more fitting now that the wee lad is toddling thru and crushing things in his path... we'll not really, but you get the idea.

I have made this sweater several times before it's the Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker. This time I adjusted it so that it is a pullover not a side button cardigan. It seemed like it might save some yarn and I sort of hate sewing on buttons. End result 2 buttons instead of 6 and a super cute pullover. I worked the pattern as directed up until moving the sleeve stitches to waste yarn. Then I joined the body to work in the round by knitting the button band stitches together. I continued to work the body in the round and ended with garter stitch. I'm pretty happy with it.