Day of the Dead Bride Costume

I should start by saying that I LOVE making halloween costumes. It’s so much fun and I’ll be honest I love all the oohs and ahs over them. So here’s the first of the costumes. I will post Fiona’s later today… and Henry’s when I finish it.

Originally when we were brainstorming costumes this summer. We convinced Forrest that “the bride of frankenstein” was the way to go. So I got right on it… well that is I hit the thrift store and found a 70s wedding dress for $10. and I didn’t need to take it in at all. Just shorten it. Well a couple months and a move later I can’t find the dress. Panic! relief! found it at the bottom of a box labeled “sew”. We can talk more another time about my horrific box labeling system this time around. But that’s a whole other post.

So dress found. Uninspired Auntie… Friend posts to Facebook her makeup for a costume wedding (thanks Kloddie for the inspiration). Excitement… trip to LCR. Bags of fake flowers later and Wa La. Day of the Dead Bride.

I took up the length by synching up the bottom with flowers. I should say that I pulled off all the petals from there plastic stems with some help from Henry. This made it a lot easier to work with. Black ribbon and more flowers around the waist too.

I made the shawl with a piece of tulle double up and folded in half. I have a giant bold of that black pom pom trim that I picked up at a yardsale on LI about 5 years ago. HOORAY! to finally using that darn thing. looks pretty good to me.

And the headband. Mark saved the day by suggesting florist tape. Great! except I forgot it on two trips to JoAnn Fabrics and one trip to AC Moore. duh! Double save by Mark for stopping at the local florist and coming home with a small remnant roll that was enough for me to make Forrest’s headpiece and Fiona’s too.

This costume really hinges on the makeup but my sister is a pro at that.

Every year I wish I was in LA for halloween. Just so I could see the girls open there costumes and help them get ready. I did get these in the mail a day earlier than last year. Fingers crossed Fedex delivers.

Spring Roundup Part 3

And lastly…

A toy chest. For all the wee lads things. I bought this for $10 back in October, but didn’t get around to doing the sanding before if got to cold outside. Plus, I’m really good at procrastinating. It was a team effort. M did the sanding. I did the priming and painting. Total cost about $20. Woohoo! Did I mention it was really ugly.

A goofy hat for my sister. My dad requested that I remake a childhood favorite for her birthday. Which was in April. Better late than never. We all got these theme hats from our uncle for Christmas way back in the 80s. Nine was white with a silver unicorn horn. jeez! I LOVED unicorns. Really wish I still had some of the unicorn collection. And the hat. It was spectacular! I haven’t heard wether she got it yet or not.

And a cute toy pouch. All the fabric second hand at the LCR. I bought the weird yellow with faces cause it was kinda cute & about $1 for 2 yards. This seemed like a good use for it. don’t think I want to look at it all the time. Though my niece has requested a skirt with the faces. May get to that tonight.

A few other things… and a big ol’ pile of mending!


Spring Roundup Part 2

a few more things…

Made a beach robe. pattern by Dana Willard of MADE. This is super fun and sort of easy. A bit big but it will fit him for awhile. I made it way back in March. Been wanting a picture by a pool. That hasn’t happened yet. Here it is anyway.

2 more flip vest finished. Pattern is here. the wee lad will probably outgrow them by he fall. But they are done – Finally!

And another pair of sailor pants by Oliver + S. Both fabrics and the buttons are vintage thrift store finds. You can find the pattern here.

Spring Roundup Part 1

I’ve been making stuff. Just haven’t gotten to photographing any of it for realzies… thus no new posts. BUT the next KCW starts next week so I need to post all the other things. No small task–short on details–but quick.

So here’s a couple…

Bucket Hats. Free pattern by Oliver + S. This is really easy to make and fun. The first one I made hasn’t been seen in months. It was cute light grey gingham and navy polka dots (bottom right corner). I made some more… three actually. 2 for Henry & 1 for his besty Addy. It would be nice if I had a picture of them–you’ll have to trust me on this–they are pretty adorable in their hats. AND reversible.

A 1st birthday banner. I love the way this came out. I used muslin for the back & bias tape and picked out a soft girlie palette. It was so fun to pull out some beautiful vintage scraps for this one. It made it extra special.

and disguised some onesies with goofy sayings. I know a lot of parents love this stuff. But putting henry in one of these shirts sort of makes me cringe. And sometimes you have to buy these onesies in multi-packs and the sayings are unavoidable. “Captain Adorable” isn’t too bad, but I think these new ones are much better. And all done in about and hour with scraps.

ok, more tomorrow!

Kids Clothes Week - finale

Well my machine was acting up quite a bit last week. But a little 3 in 1 household oil and de-linting the whole thing really has it running smoothly and quietly. Yippee! So I was able to get some sewing done after all. Our trip was cancelled as the wee lad came down with a cold. I had my little pity party and then got on with things. Excited to be able to really get into kcw. I cut a couple more patterns. Traced a pair of his pants to make another pair and got 3 finished garments that I’m pretty happy with.

The Basic T
The first one didn’t work out so well. But Phred the beer really loves it. and I have tons more of the knit so I will make H another one. and maybe M too. My next one turned out really well. Upcycled an old maternity shirt for the sleeves and cut around some stains on an orange one to give it a second life. As dana suggested in her tutorial — I kept the hem from the original shirts which save tons of time. and well, it’s straight! I top stitched a little zigzag for decoration. This is made from the patterns printed at 90%. And it fits and will for a while!

The Pants
Traced and sized up from a pair of handmade pants gifted to us. These are no were as awesome as the originals but I really like the cut of them. I used this thrifted jersey to test it out and see if the pattern worked. I don’t love it. But the star patches help. Will definitely make him a couple more pairs.

The Cardigan
This is the greenpoint cardigan. you can find it here. It’s a great pattern and well I love it even more because both me and M lived in greenpoint when we finally got together. and some of our favorite people still live there. I used the same maternity t as i used for the sleeves on his t shirt. and some striped interlock knit that I thrifted from who knows where. but it’s nice soft cotton and I love the striped sleeves. This looked a lot better before I added the button holes. the first two came out ok but they got progressively messier as I went along. I’m going to take the button band off and replace it with the striped interlock as I think the baby rib is not meant to be button holed. I can’t wait to make more of these. I want to thin out some of his store bought clothes and replace them with these super cute cardigans.

I didn’t get to finished the flip vests, or his cloth diapers, or the oliver + s sailor pants or the see kate sew surfer slacks. But I will finish these up before I cut anything new.